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November 29, 2010

I’m rather disappointed with myself for two reasons: one, that I haven’t updated the blog in quite some time, and two, that it took me this long to think of the pun in the title.

Life in Lyon has well and truly settled into a routine. This may sound boring but in fact it’s a good thing. Street names have become familiar. My bearings of the city are well-established. I can recite the tram stops to work. Lyon is feeling less like somewhere I’m spending a few months and more like a place I’m living and working in. And I’m loving myself sick over it.

As it stands, teaching is my career path of choice for now. Even as an unqualified, poorly paid assistant, it is an unbelievably rewarding experience. There is an indescribable satisfaction in watching the light bulbs switch on as you explain something to the class. Most of the time I can walk away knowing that the students have taken something from the class, whether it be a new word, phrase or something about Australia. That said, there are some days where a group of students does nothing but frustrate you. Obviously you take the good with the bad, but the good has, so far at least, far outweighed the bad.

Of course, it goes without saying that this living in France thing is good for character-building/developing experience/other clichéd personal development phrase. From facing the bureaucratic mess of French admin, to learning new phrases, to just becoming more independent generally, I will undoubtedly leave France a different person than when I arrived. I’d like to think I’ve grown more patient (I’ve more or less been forced to), as things don’t happen anywhere near as fast as back home. Case in point: I was genuinely surprised when Melbourne Uni replied to my question the day after I emailed it.

So life rolls along merrily as I make lesson plans, travel plans and (attempt) budget plans. With the first snowfall on Friday, it looks like December might be a rather chilly one. Now, if I could work a new coat into the budget…

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