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Cat in a box

June 30, 2010

The other day I was putting some stuff in the attic, leaving me with an empty box. Being the lazy individual that I am, I placed it on the table with the intention to doing something with it (i.e. put it in the recycling) later. However, upon my return a couple of hours later, I found that it had been claimed by my cat. I was reminded of how small children, with their boundless imaginations, are able to create entire worlds within the cardboard confines. A box is a car, an aeroplane, a castle, a cave…anything that you can think of. This got me thinking as to what goes through Fern’s mind when she sits in her box. I can only conclude that cats are as imaginative as small children, and nowhere near as annoying.

This is slightly unnerving as you eat your toast in the morning.

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