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Fooling with great literature

June 10, 2010

O Romeo, Romeo! Pure art for?
Denied your name and your father refused.
And I vowed to love, if not you,
And I no longer Capulet.
‘Tis not the enemy I have your full name.
Montague is not thy own.
Montague I do? The hands and feet, but
Other parts of the face and arms
Belonging to the man. O, and a few other names!
Call it what we name Rose?
The name of the other sweet.
Romeo Romeo he was call’d, it is not
Holding is charged with his perfect love
No title. Romeo, in honor of your name
And part of your name
Please all yourself.

Take my word for you:
I love my phone, I baptized, new Shiiremasu.
From now on, I can not be real.

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  1. June 12, 2010 1:41 am

    Twere best not to think on’t!


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