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Baby steps

September 11, 2009

All things have to start somewhere, usually with a gloriously obvious statement such as this. Thus I propagate this blog into the cyberverse, uniweb, or whatever existence lies beyond my modem. I suppose there is usually some sort of reason to begin such an endeavour: a desire to achieve a better sense of self through careful reflection, a means to keep a record of daily thoughts and events, and so on. I lack such noble ambitions (and have used the word ‘such’ too much already), choosing instead to begin a blog because my friend started one.

This is not to say I am a novice in the world of blogging. Over the years, I have kept various blogs covering everything from the inanities of teenage angst, to the excitement of overseas travel, to the mundane happenings of la vie quotidienne. All these blogs suffered the same fate: a gradual decline in which posts became less and less frequent. So what makes this one any different? Well, nothing really. I’m just kind of hoping this time it’ll last.

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